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We understand the struggle. At Jumper Creation, we’re here to allow you to focus on
what truly matters – unleashing your true potential.

Picture a world where you spend your whole time on honing your filming skills and finding new clients.
Too busy to picture it because you have an edit waiting for you to finish? Let us help paint it for you:

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How It Works

Upload Your Assets

  • Send us your footage and editing instructions in minutes.

Get your draft in 1-4 Days

  • One of our vetted editors will start working on your project right away.

Give unlimited revisions

  • Share unlimited feedback with your dedicated video editor via Frameio.

Start your next project

  • Rate your video editor, start a new project and keep scaling your business!

Why It Works

We empathize with your decision-making challenge. Discover why you should allow us to help you focus on
growing your business while we handle the whole post-production process seamlessly for you.

Spare more time for your business Allow us to manage all your editing projects, freeing you to focus on growing your business rather than getting bogged down in operational details.Share your ideas with us, and we'll skillfully turn them into reality quickly and efficiently. Your vision, our expertise – a winning combination.

On-time delivery Timely video editing is vital, especially for client work. We provide accurate delivery dates to eliminate guesswork. If any issue arises, we inform you beforehand — no alarms and no surprises Rest assured, your projects are in capable hands, ensuring smooth and reliable outcomes.

No more freelancer ghosting Say goodbye to freelancer ghosting Our vetted video editors are available 24/7 across various time zones, ensuring prompt service and no unfinished work. Rest easy, knowing reliable professionals are always ready to meet your editing needs with dedication and efficiency.

Interactive & smooth feedback No more struggling with written feedback! Our Frameio-powered feedback flow allows you to mark up every single frame of your video and provide clear instructions. Our video editors understand your needs precisely, ensuring fast and accurate deliveries without any communication hurdles.

Vetted A+ video editors Get your own dedicated video editor at a fraction of the cost of an in-house one. Our handpicked professionals, with at least 5 years of experience, form a skilled team ready for any project. They're rigorously trained and tested, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness in task performance, always updated with new technologies.

Seamless project management No more juggling multiple websites or endless email exchanges. Our fully custom-built platform streamlines project management. Effortlessly submit requests and communicate with your dedicated video editor. Enjoy a seamless and efficient collaboration experience tailored just for you.

100% free premium stock assets No more pricey premium websites. We've got you covered with all the assets you need for your videos – music, stock footage, sound effects, graphics, and more. Say hello to cost-effective convenience without compromising quality.

We adapt to your pace Our ever-ready video editors evolve alongside your business, allowing you to adjust workload easily. Easily manage workload fluctuations to match your business's pace and propel success. Darwin would be proud of us. We’re that good at adapting.

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