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Welcome to Jumper Local - The power of your local Map

When we need a local service like a plumber, emergency repair, a dentist, solicitor or a restaurant, we tend to search using our mobile phones.

Google normally displays search results listing sponsored ads first, followed with map listings of recommended suppliers.

People tend to ‘trust’ Google Map listings over sponsored ads because map listings are verified local to your search.

Google tracks the activity on mobile devices and research shows that people tend to click on the top 3 map listings.

Map listings vs sponsored ads

The cost of Google Ads have increased over the years and it’s important to have a strategy to maximise your return, without the high click-cost.

Optimising your map listing is more cost effective than using Google Ads because you do not pay per click, plus it supports any search engine optimisation strategy (SEO).

Once you reach Position 1, 2 or 3 on maps, you will gain more visitors without paying for clicks!

Did you know...?

📍 40% of people will click Position 1 on the map listings when they are searching for a local service?

📍 The higher your position on maps, the higher the click-through rate (CTR). This results in more traffic to your website from people searching for your services in your area.

Here is a comparison on the average click through rates for Position 1, Position 4 and Position 10…

🎯 Position 1

The top spot receives a staggering 39.8% of users click on the first result

🎯 Position 4

The average CTR drops massively to 8.98%

🎯 Position 10

The average CTR is a disappointing 1.75%


Position 1 can deliver up to 20 times the number of clicks compared to position 10. Therefore, optimising for a higher ranking can significantly increase traffic and subsequently revenue for your business.

This is where Jumper Local works for you

How does Jumper Local work?

Jumper Local leverages advanced SMS mobile and cellular technology to finely tune your business listing up to a 5-mile radius of your business location.

A search is simulated for your key services and the algorithm optimises your ranking position higher to give you more visibility over time.

As your listing ascends, customers are more likely to click your listing, leading to more enquiries.

Real case studies

Week 1

The green dot in the centre of the image represents the business location. The red dots represent a distance of 1 mile increments around the business location.

The numbers displayed within the dots show the current ranking.

Green for positions 1-4 and orange and red for lower positions.


Week 4

As the technology gets to work, the business listing moves up closer to Position 1, turning more red dots to green, indicating a prominent position for the business within the 5 mile radius.


Week 6

A few weeks later, the business is in a more prominent ranking position.

This attracted more customers in a wider geographical area and resulted in more new enquiries.

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