Phentermine (Adipex)

Medication: Phentermine
Tablet Strength: 37.5 mg
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If you have been using Phentermine for a while, you might find out that while it’s still helping you lose weight and control your appetite, the speed at which you are shedding fat is not the same as when you started. It’s like you’ve hit a “weight loss wall”, or a plateau – no matter how diligent you are, those last five pounds just won’t disappear. Well, you are certainly no the only one to experience that – a lot of people get frustrated with the diets and supplements that have worked great at the beginning after some time.

Most people will continue to experience the full benefits of Phentermine for as long as they take it, but a significant minority will feel that the weight loss has somewhat diminished after six weeks or so. Most people will think that they need to switch diet plans, exercise regimens or stop taking Phentermine and try something else. This is a bad idea, since you will be back at square one, after all the time you’ve spent to find something that works for you without side effects. Even if you do find a weight loss pill or supplement that is just as effective as Phentermine, which is hard to do, there’s no guarantee that any weight loss you might experience will not be followed by unpleasant side effects, or “yo-yo effect” as soon as you stop.

Also, don’t ever think that your body has stopped responding to Phentermine and that you need to increase the dosage – Phentermine is a powerful drug, and increasing the dose on your own is a bad idea. The dosage that ‘s prescribed to you is carefully thought out in order to give you the best balance of weight loss effects with the minimum of chance for side effects, and upping the dosage will not increase the rate at which you lose weight.

So what should you do if Phentermine has stopped working for you?

Well, there are a few things.

First of all, you need to understand that the reason Phentermine is effective as a weight loss supplement is because it affects the neurochemistry of your brain. In short, Phentermine stimulates chemicals known as neurotransmitters, which set off the so called “fight or flight” mechanism in the brain, preventing the brain from feeling any hunger. However, when you take Phentermine for a while, this effect can be diminished, partially due to the depletion of the available neurotransmitter reserves, and partially to the development of tolerance to the drug.

You can do two things to counteract this. For one, you can try to include more amino acids, either through regular diet, or through supplements. There are a couple of “Amino Acid Supplements” available that you can choose from. However, a much cheaper, and simpler way to ensure that Phentermine will continue working for you indefinitely is remarkably simple – lemonade. Yes, plain lemonade. Two to three ounces of freshly squeezed lemon juice per one quart of water should do the trick. Try it, you will be surprised.

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