Finding Instagram Influencers is a pain in the ?

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For just $21 we’ll send you a custom list of 30 micro-influencers in categories such as:


Automotive | Beauty | Cannabis
Fashion/Apparel | Fitness | Food & Beverage
Golf | Guns | Pets
Photography | Swimwear | Travel | Yoga


limit 1 per customer



Each list is custom-made to your exact requirements.

(Yes, we actually have a real human being go on Instagram and dig around for these micro-influencers!)

If you’re serious about leveraging Instagram influencers to grow your business, you’d be crazy not to take us up on this. 


You’d spend at least 2 hours making this list yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I do with this list?

You reach out to these people to promote your business via Instagram Direct Message. Typically micro-influencers will be willing to post about your business in exchange for free products/services. You should think about what your offer is and come up with a plan before you buy a list from us. That way we can find influencers that are a better match for you.

Is this offer still available?

Yes as long as this webpage is live the offer is still available.

How do you make these lists?

We have someone go on Instagram and dig through hashtags, locations, and more. Each list is custom made to your exact requirements so be sure to be specific on the order form and include examples if possible.

What are micro-influencers?

While there is no Webster’s dictionary definition, we define micro-influencers as anyone with over 1,000 followers and less than 100,000.

My industry isn’t on there. Can you make a special list for my niche?

Yes, probably! There is an option for “other” on the order form and a place to describe exactly what you are looking for. We recommend being as specific as possible with the types of influencers you are looking for and including an example or two if you can.

I run a local business and am only looking for influencers in my city, can you do that too?

Probably! We will try our best to make sure the influencers are as close to you as possible. Please be sure to specify which city, etc. when filling out the order form. If you live in a tiny town in North Dakota, we can’t guarantee there are 30 dog influencers in your city, but we will sure try to find them!

What if you can’t find them?

We will still send you a list of the 30 closest matches we can find. If you are not completely satisfied, don’t be shy about letting us know. We can always try again or make it right some other way.