Now after a quarter, we’re really pleased with our Google Rankings. We actually have people coming in stating that they found us with a Google Search.

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In less than 60 days, YogaSix Trophy Club’s
Google Rankings increased by over 1370%
across 20 related search terms and keywords.

This means YogaSix Trophy Club has secured The TOP position on Google Local Search!

Meet YogaSix Trophy Club

YogaSix Trophy Club, owned by Mark in Trophy Club, Texas, is the standard for premium yoga experiences, now expanding nationwide.

What do they desire?

YogaSix wants to bridge it’s gap with their local market. As such, Mark aimed to increase his leads and local discoverability in his local area.

This is where you want to be!

With that desire, what solution did they find?

Two words – Jumper Local.
Through our service, YogaSix increased its visibility by Ranking #1 on Google local searches and built trust with its local community.

They even saw a +650% increase in profile interactions on Google + weekly leads!

What drives their desire?

It’s simple—Jumper Local guaranteed that their studio could achieve a top three rank on Google, which accounts for 49% of all clicks on local searches. Considering the local search volume from yoga related queries, it’s clear why YogaSix is seeing multiple walk-in clients a week from ranking top 3 on Google!

The higher your position on maps, the higher the click-through rate (CTR).

This results in more traffic to your website from people searching for your services in your area.

THE GOAL is to dominate
the platform where your future Members are looking.

  • Position 1 – The top spot receives a staggering 19% CTR
  • Position 2 –The average CTR is 18%
  • Position 3 – The average CTR is 17%

So as long as you’re in the top 3 on Google local searches, you’re able to take a large percentage of Click-through.

How did we do it?

We conducted a thorough keyword targeting for Local search terms.

We identified 20+ common local searches, some generic for any yoga studio and some unique to Mark’s specific YogaSix location/demographic.

We achieved a Top 3 Ranking in
85% of the Keywords.

the ultimate goal: Insane Visibility

If you’re interested in yoga, and you’re 10 miles around the location, you will see YogaSix

Conduct a search anywhere within the service area radius, and YogaSix will be in the first 3 results.

Quick Look at Our Results

The average ranking position of YogaSix for the keyword “Yoga Classes westlake” is a whopping ARP = 1.02.

This means that when you search for this particular local keyword, YogaSix’s website will be at the top of the results.

Before Jumper Local, they were ranking 11 on average. After our service, YogaSix was dominating the #1 spot – INSANE right?

Same goes with the other keywords!

Before Jumper Local ARP = 13.91

With Jumper Local ARP = 1.46


Be Where Your Future Clients Are Looking.

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