Use Instagram as a Standalone Photo Editor

Instagram can actually be used to edit photos – without posting them.

Here’s how to use Instagram as a Standalone Photo Editor:

  1. Make sure “Save Original Photos” is turned on in the app settings. Go to your profile page and click the Gear Icon in the upper right corner, then scroll down to “Save Original Photos”

  2. Upload and edit the photo just like you normally would, but don’t click “Share”. 

  3. Exit Instagram and go to your phone’s settings.  Turn on airplane mode.

  4. Go back to Instagram and click “Share as…”

  5. You will receive a “Failed” message stating that the photo was unable to post, but it will actually be saved in your phone’s image gallery. 

  6. Use your new wonderfully filtered image however you wish.  You’re all done! 


Looking for the perfect photo editor for Instagram, but don’t know where to start?

We’ve compiled a list of the 21 Best Photo Editors for Instagram so you can make sure that all of your photos are of the highest quality (and you get more likes than any of your friends).

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