Social Media Advertising for Lead Generation

Social Media Advertising for Lead Generation

The thing is, effective lead generation takes time, which is something you may not have a lot of as a successful business owner – and that’s where we come in!

Generating Leads Using Social Media
Social Media Lead Generation Agency

Our social media ads team in San Diego will take care of you every step of the way, from generating high-quality leads to making that end sale.

Whether you’re a burgeoning software company looking to increase sales or a contractor looking to expand your customer base, you already know lead generation is a big deal. Quality lead gen is the key to growing your customer list, getting your brand out there to as many people as possible, and really taking your business to the next level.

How Lead Generation Works

  1. Develop and understand your target audience/buyer persona.

The first thing we’ll tackle is understanding your ideal target audience. Trust us when we say this is the most important part of lead generation – finding out who is most likely to buy your product or service and what will get them there the quickest is key here.

We’ll start off by gathering real data from your existing customers and current traffic from your social media channels, then we’ll dig deep with detailed demographics research. Our goal is to come up with a complete target persona based on what we discover. If you don’t have any of this yet, it’s going to take some additional testing; but we’ll take care of this piece of the puzzle for you.

  1. Craft a lead generation strategy.

Once we have your target buyer figured out, our San Diego team will get to work developing a lead generation strategy. The goal is to figure out how we can effectively obtain quality leads with a high chance of converting; oftentimes, this will be through a paid social media campaign that utilizes photo and video to showcase the value your brand brings to consumers.
  1. Analyze, assess, and retarget.

Next up: a full analysis and assessment. We’ll determine what’s been effective and what hasn’t, and take advantage of each opportunity we’ve uncovered to be more efficient. Each piece of data we analyze will help us create even more effective ads – which will reduce your ad spend and get you more bang for your buck.Once we’ve determined the best way to generate leads for you, we’ll create additional content (whether it’s landing pages or more videos or photos) and craft a paid ad campaign.

Our Social Media Lead Strategies

Our lead generation strategies depend on you, your business, and your brand. Each business requires a different type of lead generation; the bottom line is acquiring those leads.

Facebook and Instagram are still valuable lead generation tools, even with today’s constantly shifting algorithms: 49% of people in the 18-29 age range report purchasing something after seeing a social media ad for it, and 77% of millennials report making a purchase either online or in-store after seeing a product on Facebook.

Thanks to these social networks, potential customers are able to research and learn about various products and services with just a few clicks. By tapping into these mediums and putting our expertise to use creating effective paid ads, we’ll figure out where your customers are, who they are, and introduce your brand to them.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are an incredibly valuable tool for effective lead generation simply because you can get so specific with your targeted demographic (down to age, gender, and general interests). Through these highly-targeted ad placements, we’ll be able to focus in on users who are most likely to make that purchase and convert into a quality lead.

Instagram Ads

Now more than ever, Instagram ads are a great way to bring in leads. Because they piggyback on Facebook ads, it’s easy to create them on the Facebook platform and then target them the same way we would on Facebook: with specific user demographics and interests.

Instagram Story Ads

Instagram Stories offers advertisers the opportunity to capture the user’s eye with compelling, quick videos or a series of photos. More and more people are listening to the sound on Instagram Stories, rather than normal instagram ads. These 2D animations are increasingly eye-catching and popular, and our Instagram ad gurus will work hard to get your audience’s attention in the right way.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Bots are the next big thing in lead generation. The ability to interact automatically and directly with your fans, customers, and potential leads has seriously stepped up the lead gen game – and we’ve taken note.

Messenger Bots can collect information, answer questions, and gain key insights that can be used to retarget the same people later on through deals, special offers, and exclusive discounts. The bots also enable everything to happen within the Facebook app itself – eliminating the need for a landing page and allowing for an immediate response in real time.

Using Facebook Messenger to Generate Leads

Other Benefits of Quality Lead Generation

Naturally creates brand awareness.

As more people see your business name and the link to your site, your logo, and other details found in social media profiles, you establish more brand awareness among your potential client base.

Establishes trust

Through natural connections and relationships that develop on your social media channels.

Ready to get more leads with social media ads?

To learn more about our work and what we do at Jumper Media, take a look at our Social Media Ad Portfolio below and our other Social Media Advertising Services. If you’re ready to get started, schedule a call with us today!

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