Jumper Media's content creation services help your company or small business stay relevant in today's social, digital world.

We strongly believe that every business needs a voice in social media, whether that’s through creative video or epic photos that showcase what your brand is all about.

Each piece of content we create is carefully crafted to fully represent you and your business. Our creative process begins and ends with your story. Every small business is different, which is why we are dedicated to working with you in determining what type of creative content is the best fit for your brand. From brainstorming to post-production, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Our Services

Our Most Popular Monthly Content Package

✓ Monthly session with videographer/photographer

✓ 15 photo assets        ✓ 90 seconds of video

✓ 20 social posts a month on either Instagram and/or Facebook


One of our photographers will come to you for a photo shoot, which we’ll edit down to about 15 photos to be used for Instagram, Facebook or on your website.

Our Photography Services


Our videographer will come to you and shoot raw footage for a short video, to be used on social media. During these sessions, we will shoot four videos that are 20-25 seconds each.

Our Videography Services

There are three main parts to our creative process:

1. Pre-production

We storyboard your content so we know exactly what to create before we begin.

2. Production

Our in-house photographers and videographers travel to you to execute our plan.

3. Post-production

Our editing team takes the raw footage from each session and refines it until it’s the perfect addition to your social media or website.

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