Facebook Management

We’re dedicated to delivering real, tangible results with effective, highly targeted ads to the right audience.

Using Facebook traffic the right way can increase your revenue by an incredible amount – you just have to know how to tap into it!

We all know that Facebook is a massive social media network. With over a billion users spending hours of their time on it each week, it’s one of the biggest sources of online display advertising in the world. That means businesses and companies from all over the globe can find their ideal target audience and get their offers in front of the people who matter; people who will engage, click, and eventually, convert into a tangible sale.

That said, Facebook advertising is a dynamic, ever-changing and evolving platform that requires consistent analysis and management to ensure your campaigns are staying up-to-date, which is why our ads team is always on the lookout for the newest and greatest ways to utilize it to our customers’ advantage. We’re dedicated to delivering real, tangible results with effective, highly targeted ads to the right audience.

What We Do

If you don’t craft your ads correctly, your business could potentially lose hundreds of dollars in wasted ad revenue and even potential customers. Branding your business the right way takes time, effort, and training, which you may not always have time for as a small business owner.

Utilize expert strategy

Our team of Facebook Ad strategists closely monitor our clients’ campaigns and optimize ads, targeting settings, placements, and bidding to deliver consistently improved KPIs to yield the best ROIs possible.

Produce eye-catching creative assets

Our videographers will craft the perfect video for your Facebook ad campaign. Potential customers scroll through their Facebook feed hundreds of times a day, and it takes a seriously epic video to make them pause, click, and watch; that’s where we come in.

Perform zero-waste testing

We’ll hypothesize, design, and split test absolutely everything to get you ROI-positive in the first few months of your campaign.

Deliver tangible results

You’ll be able to see real, tangible results from our ad campaigns – from the specific demographic we targeted and how many people viewed the video to complete conversion tracking.

Our Facebook Ad Management Methods

  • Manage ad spending
  • Build custom, highly targeted audiences
  • Display dynamic ads with video
  • Set up remarketing campaigns
  • Facebook Pixel implementation
  • A/B ad testing
  • Demographic targeting
  • Conversion tracking

Our Facebook ad experts will take care of everything, from designing your ads to writing the copy and plugging in the creative assets. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with all the latest and greatest ways to advertise and promote on Facebook.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Fine-tuned targeting

Facebook offers a plethora of targeting and retargeting options so you can show your ads to a narrowly defined audience – demographic, location, behaviors, lookalike audiences and more are available.

Room for creativity

Immersive Ad sets, like video or carousel ads, mean that users can instantly be transported to an app-like, interactive brand experience. This not only piques their interest, but it allows your brand to really highlight what it does best.

Low cost

Facebook remains one of the most cost-effective social advertising channels. Your business will still reach a wider, more relevant audience at a lower cost than other social media channels; and if you get your ad campaign right, you’ll actually be getting that money back.

Start leveraging your Facebook page and see how we can help your business grow with Facebook advertising!