Case Study: How Vitagene’s Facebook Ads Scaled from $20k/Month to Over $100k

Marketers know that it doesn’t always go the way you hope. You may try ten different strategies, and none of them produce the results you’re looking for. 

Well, that’s what happened to Vitagene

Vitagene tried their best to run Facebook ads on their own, but failed to see a substantial return on their ad spend. 

They knew they needed a partner in their digital media space, a partner who could really tailor a strategy to fit Vitagene’s audience and vision. So, Vitagene came to Jumper Media, and we worked to build and execute a paid media strategy that could improve their reach and establish their presence across Facebook and Instagram. 


The Story

Vitagene is a DNA test kit company.

Vitagene’s mission is to help people use their DNA to inform their life choices. The primary purpose of their product is to enlightening customers with the story of their ancestry and where their family came from. 

However, they also leverage big data, machine learning, and the latest scientific research and technology to ensure that what people are buying, taking, and doing is right for their body so that they can truly feel better, be healthier, and finally reach their goals.

The Vitagene team consists of experts in the fields of integrative medicine, genomics, computer systems, and product design who are committed to redefining wellness and revolutionizing preventative medicine.

Basically, Vitagene utilizes DNA to help their customers learn about how they can live their healthiest life.

The Problem 

Once Vitagene recruited the help of Jumper Media, we set to work on figuring out what went wrong with their Facebook ads and how to fix it. 

The paid media managers at Jumper quickly realized three things:

  • Vitagene’s target audience was all over the place. They didn’t have a narrow enough target to identify an audience who would actually buy their product.
  • Their creative content suffered because they weren’t generating something that could appeal to a specific audience. Therefore, they couldn’t convert traffic into sales. 
  • They weren’t using insights to help them navigate and build their ad space, which means it needed to be completely overhauled. 


The Strategy

We first figured out who Vitagene’s target audience was by utilizing Pixel data from their website and analyzing Google Analytics to get an idea of who was buying Vitagene’s products most often, from their age to their gender and even the other types of products they purchase. 

This activity led us to establishing a common set of interests amongst customers, which we use to create targeted content. 

After collecting this data, we created a combination of high value lookalike audiences as well as interest based audiences that were close matches to their existing customers. 

The key was focusing on insights that led us to the most common interests and characteristics of Vitagene’s customer base. 

Once sales of their core product, a DNA Health Kit, started growing, we expanded our focus to marketing their other premium products, including a DNA upload that allows you to upload other DNA ancestry tests you may have taken to get insights into other genes. These insights can provide you with dietary information, such as how quickly your body metabolizes fats and carbs.

So, by slowly growing an audience, sales in both Vitagene’s primary product and premium products slowly grew as well. 


The Results

Overall, Vitagene saw a 726% increase in sales from December 2018 to April 2019, with conversion rates ranging from 3% to 4%. 

Our strategy proved a huge success for Vitagene, and because of their increase in revenue, we were able to scale their ad spend from $20,000 a month to over $100,000 a month. 




The Jumper Media

Facebook Ad Factory


Facebook Ads Management is for the customer who knows they want to take their business to the next level, but who is honest with themselves about their current knowledge and skill level to do so. They feel that their goals are best left in the hands of experts, and they trust us to create a customized strategy that truly reflects their unique brand.

When you’re ready to see how much Facebook ads can do for your company, this is what you can expect from us.


1. We design an expert ads strategy.

Our first step is to come up with a clear, purposeful strategy. Our analytics experts and our creatives have a meeting of the minds to design your custom plan. This is when we’ll use your customer data to craft a message that will be delivered via the best content for your audience (ad copy, blog posts, photography, stop-motion, videography, etc.).

P.S. If you don’t have customer data yet, we’ll be able to narrow down your audience and test in order to define even further.


2. We put together compelling creative content.

Instead of leveraging less-than-stellar content, we’ll get to work to build creative content that will connect with your audience. Our preference is (Augmentin) engaging, purposeful content that triggers your audience to take action.


3. We test all of it.

Everything we do gets split-tested to make sure we’re choosing the specific strategy that will work best for you. Our driving goal is to get you an impressive ROI within just the first month.


4. Then we keep creating and testing.

The creating-testing loop really never ends. Your business is changing, and so is the industry and your audience. We like to change along with them. We’re constantly looking at your data to make sure we understand where your customers are right now. We’ll create content as needed, based on what’s returning great results, what’s under-performing, and how your audience is transforming.

We learn everything you need to know about your customers, like who they are, what makes them click a link and why they need your product. We’re going to know your customers better than they even know themselves, and then we’re going to reach them where they already are: on social.


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