15 Best Videographers in Houston, Texas

Nestled in the heart of Texas, Houston is a proud city that boasts a unique blend of culture, art, culinary, community, and much more. It sets itself apart from being boring and bland. If the world were to describe Houston, it would be something along the lines of “the city that's got a little something for everyone.”

But more than its diversity, Houston is also home to the best videographers in the US. Houston took the forefront of creating a hub of talent that handles the best videographer cameras and creates compelling content that lasts. Discover more about these talents below!

1. Brad Blosser

Credit: Instagram @bradblosser

Brad Blosser is quickly becoming a household name in Houston's videography scene. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Brad utilizes the best videographer cameras to capture the vibrancy of music, vlogging, street themes, and events. His Instagram profile is a testament to his versatility and talent, making him a go-to for collaborative and engaging video content.

2. spikefongchon

Credit: Instagram @spikefongchon

Spikefongchon stands out as a prominent figure among the best videographers in Houston. His company, Veef Production, specializes in corporate videos that captivate and inspire action. With a massive following and a commitment to affordability, spikefongchon's work is a beacon for businesses looking to make an impact through video.

3. Right Time Solutions

Credit: Instagram @righttimesolutions

Owned by Rashid Tillis, Right Time Solutions embodies the passion for helping others tell their stories through video. This company is about capturing those pivotal moments in life, building a brand, or simply seizing the day. With Right Time Solutions, you're guaranteed a partner in creating meaningful video content.

4. Ernest Pierre

Credit: Instagram @ttsenre

Ernest Pierre, the brain behind TTSENRE Media, brings over five years of videography and media experience. His focus on beauty, fashion, and visual art, combined with his use of the best videographer cameras, makes his work stand out in a crowded field. Ernest's creative vision and skill set him apart as a videographer of note.

5. Doohan Nohan

Credit: Instagram @doohannohan

Doohan Nohan is a master of diversity, handling everything from commercials and narrative films to compelling social content and fitness videos. Through Run That Media, he offers clients videos and a full-service media collaboration that maximizes value and enhances the creative experience.

6. Lilly Nichole

Credit: Instagram @lillynicholephoto

At Eira Studios, Lilly Nichole combines her talents in videography, graphic design, and social media management to offer a unique perspective on video content. Her ability to see things differently and bring fresh ideas to the table makes her an invaluable asset in the world of videography.

7. Kane

Credit: Instagram @iamkre8tiv

Kane, the creative force behind 'iamkre8tiv', is known for his unique storytelling through videography and photography. His work, particularly in self-care and lifestyle, is not just seen but felt, offering a deeply personal touch to his content.

8. Gerard Hobbs

Credit: Instagram @ghobbz

Also known as 'ghobbz', Gerard Hobbs and GH Productions are trendsetters in the videography industry. Their knack for creating snackable, visually appealing content helps brands highlight their best features, making Gerard a top pick for anyone looking to enhance their digital presence.

9. Dominique Carter

Credit: Instagram @domscarter

Dominique Carter's passion for capturing the world around him through video and photography has made him a standout videographer. His ability to create compelling output through his creative expression makes his work truly memorable. Additionally, he has always been passionate about creating, expressing himself, and finding new ways to connect with others.

10. Vizzy Vizualz

Credit: Instagram @vizzyvizualz

Vizzy Vizualz is known for his active lifestyle and exceptional videography skills. His Instagram profile showcases his talent and provides a clear overview of his services, making him a top choice for high-quality video content in Houston.

11. Jay Clark

Credit: Instagram @jayclarkfilms

As an award-winning filmmaker, Jay Clark offers premium-quality video content that separates his work from the rest. Jay Clark Films has collaborated with various brands and industries, driven by a passion for film and storytelling.

12. Marcus Robinson

Credit: Instagram @marcusrfilms

Marcus Robinson is a testament to creativity and collaboration. Marcus specializes in corporate videography and documentary filmmaking; his work is visually stunning and impactful, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. He is also the proud owner of Marcus Robinson Films – an acclaimed Houston-based content-creating powerhouse.

13. Trust the Visuals

Credit: Instagram @ttvisuals

With a huge Instagram following, Trust the Visuals is a master at maintaining industry-standard quality in his work. His engaging digital content stands as a benchmark for aspiring videographers in Houston.

14. Sonni Lam

Credit: Instagram @sonni.lam

Sonni Lam's unique perspective and editing skills make his films captivating. As a filmmaker and videographer, Sonni balances his creative pursuits with his roles as a student, father, husband, and friend, bringing a well-rounded approach to his work.

15. Michael D. Bishop

Credit: Instagram @shotbybishop_

Michael D. Bishop's passion for the arts shines through in his videography. Shot By Bishop, his production company, offers a wide range of services, from weddings to commercial shoots, all marked by Michael's creative touch.

There you have it – Houston’s top 15 best videographers that represent the city’s creativity, passion, and skill. Each of these talents boasts a unique perspective and spice that will allow your story to be told from your desired angle and vision.

When deciding who to work with, do further research and get the vibes of each option, as this will help you create a choice you won’t regret. And if you need someone to edit the fire footage you’re about to take, consider our service, Jumper Creation. See our work here!

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