Testimonial Video Production

It might sound overwhelming to contact a customer and convince someone to go on camera for you, but we are here to help!

Testimonial Video Production Services

Any business can type up a quote and put it up on their website as a testimonial – but how many potential customers will truly be swayed to purchase because of it? Our online world is saturated with content and products, and advertisements telling people what to buy and why, and as a result, customers are becoming less trusting. That’s where testimonial videos come in.

Creating a testimonial video where a real customer praises you and your San Diego business or product will magnify the effect of social proof. A consumer on the other end will see that this person really did get something out of your product, and they’ll be that much more convinced to invest in it.

Customer Testimonials

How It Works

1. Strategize and Brainstorm

We’ll sit down and hammer out the details of your video. We’ll put together a question list for the customer who will be giving the testimonial, focusing on how the product or service benefited them and what they got out of using it. The key here is to elicit emotion and get them to focus on how excited they were about using your service.

Our San Diego team will figure out what else we should include in the video, and where it’s going to take place. After that, we’ll coordinate a filming date and set everything up.

2. Testimonial Video Production

On the day of filming, we’ll come in and ask your customer that list of questions we put together. By getting them to answer these questions, our team will hopefully get some key lines or awesome snippets of a quote that will help to enhance the video. This also allows the customer to talk freely and openly, which serves to make the entire testimonial more authentic.

We’ll also get some B-roll and footage of your actual business operation, along with any other footage we think we might need. Typically we’ll even get some film of a customer using your product or service, as well.

Not every videography product team is going to build connections and get those same type of testimonials out of people – we are proud to say that this is a unique skill of our team at Jumper. Anyone can film a testimonial video, but it’s those heartfelt, meaningful conversations that will really bring it to life.

3. Video Post-Production & Social Media Advertising

Our San Diego team will combine our best B-roll footage, vocal snippets from the interview, and overlays of your product into an eye-catching and informative video. Once we feel like it’s perfect, we’ll send it over to you for a final look and approval. Then, our social media gurus will get it up on Facebook and Instagram and start crafting an ad campaign around it.

We like to say the end result isn’t just a testimonial – it’s telling a story about how your product or service seamlessly fits into the customer’s life and makes it better.

We’ve made testimonial videos for all types of businesses.

Check out our recent Testimonial Videos below, or get in touch for a free consultation call.

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