Portland’s 25 Most Popular Restaurants on Instagram

Portland Oregon isn’t exactly known as a culinary capital, but maybe it should be.

At least that’s what I kept thinking as I was putting together this list.

And when you step back for a second, it makes tons of sense. Portland is young, hip, eclectic, and vibrant. That right there is a recipe for a great food scene, and a great listicle on the Portland’s most Instagrammable restaurants.

But to be honest I was a little nervous to post this article…

Here at Jumper Media we’ve been using Instagram data to put together lists of the most Instagrammed restaurants in major cities like San Francisco, San Diego, and Denver – and people love them.  They’re fun, they’re colorful, they’re different…but they are also divisive.

To quote one redditor: “Great! Here’s a list of places where you can find hipster a**holes who take pictures of their food.”

We base these list on real data from Instagram. Specifically, we downloaded all the posts that use the hashtag #pdxeats ― the most popular of the food hashtags in Portland ― and sorted by locations with the most posts.

So yes, this is a list of places where people take pictures of their food the most. I wouldn’t call them a**holes though.

Love it or hate it, here is our list of Portland’s 25 Most Popular Restaurants on Instagram:


25. Cheese & Crack

Good God.

IMHO Cheese & Crack deserves to be a bit higher on this list because of these awesome tray situations, but numbers don’t lie so here they sit at number 25.


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This is how we do it.

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24. Little Bird Bistro

Though its sister restaurant Le Pigeon is more well-known, Little Bird Bistro beats it out on Instagram.

It helps that Little Bird is open for lunch and dinner, and the more casual atmosphere attract a slightly younger demographic ― the kind of folks that apparently love documenting their experience on Instagram.



23. Lechon

Family style food and whole roasted pigs make for one hell of an Insta. On this front, Lechon delivers.



22. Han Oak

This place is just so Portland. Han Oak shares the same roof as Chef Peter Cho’s home, and the food tastes like authentic Korean home-cooking, with a lot of modern flare.





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21. Nong’s Khao Man Gai

With three locations now (two trucks and a new sit-down space), Nong’s has solidified itself as a local favorite.

Their colorful food and even more colorful plates, would make any amateur food photographer want to snap a pic.



20. Wiz Bang Bar

This soft serve shop in the Pine Street Market comes in at a cool number twenty. Wiz Bang is owned by Salt & Straw, and it won’t be the first time you hear that name on this list 😉

Fun fact: Pine Street Market would have came in at number two on our list, but we took it off because it’s a food hall and not a restaurant.



19. Kachka

If you’ve ever been to Kachka, you’ll probably agree that the U.S. could use a few more Russian restaurants.

And how about these captivating orange + white tablecloths?


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Summery things… Regram from @carly.e.diaz

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18. Pine State Biscuits

Personally I’ve never seen anything like these Biscuit + Fried Chicken sandwiches from Pine State, and to be totally honest, I kind of want to unsee them.

It’s not because they don’t look delicious, because they do, but now that I know about them I don’t think I’ll be able to stay away!



17. Imperial

While the rest of this list of Portland’s most Instagrammable eateries is full of colorful plates, donuts, and creative asian cuisine, Imperial stands out from the pack with its focus on the age old combination of meat + flame.



16. Hat Yai Restaurant

When you get shoutouts from big foodie influencers like @nomnompaleo on the reg, you know you’ve got a hit on your hands.

Gluten fiends don’t fret, not everything at Hat Yai is paleo approved.



15. Grassa

Come for the pasta, stay for the ‘Gram.

Between Lardo and Grassa, you best be hitting the gym the day after you visit one of Rick Gencarelli’s establishments. In Italian the two restaurant names translate to Lard and Fat!


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14. Harlow Restaurant

Another #glutenfree favorite of @nomnompaleo’s Michelle Tam.

Pro Tip: If you’re a restaurant and you want to get people sharing your stuff on social media, follow Harlow’s lead and add some pale green matcha to your menu. People love taking pictures of matcha.



13. Tasty n Sons

Because who doesn’t love a tiny spoon?

Tasty n Sons sister restaurant Tasty n Alder appears further down the list, but I think they should open up a third called Tasty n Spoons. What do you think?


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Smallest spoon in Portland ? #tastynsons

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12. Poke Mon Pdx

Ok, let’s all just take a second to appreciate how clever the name of this place is. Poke Mon…Pokemon…get it?

Poke Mon’s gorgeous wood tables also make an excellent backdrop for your next Insta. Gotta ‘gram ’em all! 


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gotta eat 'em all. #pdxeats

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11. Tusk

Yeah it’s definitely the interior.

Tusk’s bright white dining room is modern and playful, with a giant portrait of Keith Richards above the bar.



10. Bollywood Theater

My friend, my friend, let me tell you about the Kati rolls at the Bollywood Theater

We’re listening.



9. Voodoo Doughnut

A Portland mainstay. Voodoo doughnut started the doughnut trend, even though i’m pretty sure it should be spelled donut and not doughnut but maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, how about these awesome and timely commemorative donuts? I think Chester Bennington would be pretty pleased with this delicious memorial. #rip



8. Lardo

The PDX knows its sandwiches, and some of the best come from Rick Gencarelli’s Lardo.

Gencarelli’s got a knack for creating crowd-pleasing, instagrammable food. His pasta spin-off Grassa, also makes this list at number 15.



7. Salt & Straw Ice Cream

The Portland food scene is saturated with fresh ideas, and Salt & Straw is no exception to the trend. Arbequina olive oil and cinnamon snicker doodle are just a few of the flavors that regularly tempt shopgoers… [as well as] limited edition gems like toasted coconut ice cream with cracked sesame toffee and boysenberry ginger jam. – Saveur


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6. Tasty N Alder

People go crazy for Tasty n Alder’s cast iron frittata and bibimbap (pictured below).



5. Marukin Ramen

Marukin Ramen is a Tokyo Ramen chain that somehow made its way into the Pine Street Market.

This place is HYPE…do you think it lives up to it? 



4. Pok Pok

Pok Pok has been a PDX mainstay since it opened in 2005. Chef Andy Ricker is to Thai food what Mario Batali is to Italian food in America.

Since winning a James Beard award in 2011, Ricker has been hard at work expanding his empire outside of Portland, but the original location is still on fire after all these years.



3. Screendoor Restaurant

When I was checking out Screendoor’s location feed on Instagram, literally nine out of ten photos were of the chicken and waffles.



2. 180 Xurros

That xurro life!



I was pretty hungry when I wrote this, and 180 Xurros and Xocolata looked so good to me that I decided to include an extra pic 🙂



1. Pip’s Original Doughnuts

In a donut (doughnut?) town, Pip’s takes the cake.

The donuts are mini, and come in mouth-watering flavors like Nutella, Honey/Sea Salt, and Meyer Lemon Pear.

Simple and delicious, there are no gimmicks to be found at this Mom & Pop Shop. Sometimes a drizzle of icing or a dash of powdered sugar tops their treats. It’s no coincidence that Pip’s is also on top.




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