33 Jaw-Dropping Instagram Statistics

Think your business doesn’t need Instagram?

Think again… 

As one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, Instagram is a social media behemoth any way you filter it. This list of impressive (and highly shareable) stats will convince you of Instagram’s importance and set you up for social media success. 

We’ve got all kind of statistics for you. We’ve got stats on Stories, on Swipe-Ups, on IGTV, and Instagram Ads. We’ve got statistics on hashtags, on the best brands on Instagram, and even one on Selena Gomez! 

For example…did you know that the average Instagram engagement rate is down to around 1.2%?

Now you do 😉



33 Jaw-Dropping Instagram Statistics for 2019


Instagram User Numbers and Statistics


1. There Are 1 Billion Accounts Active Every Month

If you were questioning whether Instagram has the user base to warrant your time, money, and energy, here’s the proof of the pudding.

With a whopping 1 billion accounts logging in, posting, liking, and commenting on images each month, Insta is a part of monthly life for one in seven people.

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2. There Are 500 Million+ Insta Accounts Active Every Day

If a monthly user base doesn’t quite do it for you, how’s this instead: every single day more than 500 million people log into their Instagram accounts and share the love.

This means there are 500 million potential people who could interact with your business every single day – are you currently tapping into that?


3. 64% of Users Are Between 18 and 34

You probably already knew that Instagram was one for the younger generations, but here are the numbers to back that up.

Over half of the user base are between 18 and 34, so if your audience fits in that bracket, you kinda need to be on Instagram if you want to get noticed.



4. Brand Follower Growth Increases from 6% to 8% Month-Over-Month

Instagram makes it easy to find and discover new accounts so it’s no wonder most users are growing their follower base at a steady clip.

Facebook users might “friend” a few new people they meet every month, but Instagram users are much more liberal about who they add.

Post interesting content, use the right hashtags, and you might start getting discovered—great free advertising for your business or brand.


5. Users Under 25 Spend Over Half an Hour on Insta Each Day

Looking to get in front of the younger generation? You’re in luck.

Every day, users under 25 spend around half an hour browsing and interacting with new posts on Instagram, which means they’ve got plenty of time to discover your brand on one of their hashtag adventures.

Regularly publish new content to make sure you have a chance of showing up in their feeds.


6. 80% of Instagram Users Live Outside the US

It’s easy to think that Instagram is US heavy – there are, after all, plenty of US brands working their magic on the platform. But, in actual fact, the vast majority of people on Instagram are from outside the US.

This means you have the chance to reach an audience and customers in all four corners of the globe.


Instagram Hashtag Statistics

7. 7 out of 10 Instagram Hashtags are Branded

Let’s face it, we all love a good hashtag, and most people cram their posts full of them. But did you know that the majority of hashtags are branded?

This gives you ample opportunity to showcase your business and give your brand some extra exposure on Instagram.


8. Having at Least 1 Hashtag Will Get You 12.6% More Engagement

Hashtags are great for getting new eyes on your content and having at least one in your post can generate 12.6% more engagement than not having one.


When engagement is all the rage on Instagram, this seems like a really easy no-brainer addition.


9. The Optimum Number of Hashtags is 11

But while having at least one hashtag can encourage more engagement, the sweet spot is 11.

Today, Instagram lets you add up to 30 hashtags to a post but having that many can drown out your core message. Instead, pare things back to just 11 so you can reach the right people in the right places.


Instagram for Business Stats

10. There Are More Than 8 Million Business Accounts

If you thought that Instagram was all about selfies and food shots, you thought wrong. In fact, there are more than 8 million business accounts that regularly publish on the platform.

It’s the perfect place to connect with your audience on a human level.


11. 80% of Insta Users Follow a Business Account

People on Instagram are a lot more liberal with who they follow than on more personal platforms like Facebook. As a result, the vast, vast majority of users follow a business account.

This shows that not only do businesses belong on Instagram, but they actively thrive there.


12. 60% of Users First Heard About a Product On Instagram

Instagram isn’t just a place for pretty pictures; it’s also great for place for making new discoveries – including finding new products.

A lot of businesses find that new customers have discovered them via Instagram, with statistics showing that a good 60% of Insta users first found out about a product on the ‘gram.


13. 30% of Users Bought Something They Discovered on Instagram

Instagram users haven’t just discovered products on the platform, they’ve also actively bought stuff they’ve come across there too.

Great news for you and your brand! By getting on Instagram and using it regularly, you have a high chance of seeing your sales and conversions increase.



14. 66% of Visits to Instagram Business Profiles Are From Users That Don’t Follow Them

Even if people aren’t following your Instagram account, they may well be checking in and taking a look around. According to research, two-thirds of visits to Instagram business profiles are from people that don’t follow them.

So keep on posting the good stuff as you never know who might be looking!


15. 78% of Big Retail Brands Have Shoppable Instagram Accounts

Instagram has added tons of features over the years, and it now offers businesses the chance to add direct calls-to-action to their post.

78% of retail brands have taken advantage of this and have added “buy now” buttons to their products. This allows customers to click and buy without ever having to leave Instagram.


16. 82% of Fashion Brands Use Call-to-Actions

And, while retail brands are getting people to buy in-app, even more, fashion brands are encouraging users to take immediate action with specific directions.

You can add all sorts of calls-to-action to your posts, so consider the next steps you want your audience to take after they’ve checked out your latest post.


Instagram Advertising Stats


17. Instagram Ad Revenue is at $7 Billion

More and more businesses are starting to see the benefits of advertising on Instagram. Getting exposure to new audiences is invaluable to a brand, and paying to play is a key way to do this.

In fact, this year, Instagram is set to take almost $7 billion in ad revenue.



18. 25% of Instagram Ads are Videos

The video revolution is upon us, and this is evident in the increase of Instagram video ads. According to new data, a quarter of all Instagram ads are now videos – and fairly lengthy videos at that.

The average length of video ads has increased by 67% since January 2016, with most sitting at around 25 seconds.


19. Ad Recall is 2.8x Higher on Instagram

Marketers look to ad recall to assess how their creative campaigns are performing.  By this yardstick, Instagram is hard to beat.

In one study Nielsen studied over 400 ad campaigns to determined that ad recall on Instagram was 2.8x higher than industry norms. Refreshment company J2O saw similar results when it introduced its delicious new Spritz line of drinks on Instagram.



Instagram Engagement Stats


20. Instagram Has the Highest Engagement Rates Across All Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr… There are a huge number of social media sites knocking around these days, but Instagram pips them all to the post with its engagement rates.

With 2-7% of users interacting with each post, it’s clear to see people love to interact on the ‘gram.


21. Users Don’t See 70% of What’s on Their Feed

Instagram recently followed in the footsteps of Facebook and mixed up its algorithm so that users see more of the kinds of posts they interact with the most.

As a result, feeds are no longer chronological. Instead, users see posts by their favorite accounts at the top, with posts by their least-liked brands and individuals demoted to positions further down the feed.


22. Instagram Users Engage More on Weekdays

You might be quick to think that Insta users are more active on the weekend. Surely they have more time to scroll through pretty pictures of food and interior design during their Saturday lie in than during the hectic working week, right?



Instagram users are much more likely to engage with posts on a weekday. The app clearly offers some respite from the monotony of the daily grind.


23. Instagram Posts With a Face Get 38% More Likes

There’s a reason selfies are a hot trend. Not only do they give us the chance to show off our best duck impressions, they also get more interaction on Instagram.

In fact, photos that feature faces get up to 38% more likes than those that don’t.

The moral of the story? Be human and show humans in your posts.


24. Japanese Users Make Up 27% of All Engagement on Instagram

And, if you’re wondering who’s doing all this engaging on Instagram, may we point you in the direction of Japan.

According to research, Japanese users make up 2.7% of Instagram engagements, which is more than anywhere else in the world.


25. Kylie Jenner and Beyonce Get All the Action

So let’s get to the info you really want to know: who’s absolutely rocking it on Instagram?

In an analysis of millions of accounts and posts, those with the highest levels of engagement come as no surprise really. Celebrities Kylie Jenner and Beyonce received the most amount of likes and comments on their pics… Are we really that shocked?


Statistics About Instagram Influencers


26. 80% Of Influencers Prefer Instagram for Brand Collaborations

Social media influencers are really hitting the big time. From micro influencers with less than 1,000 followers to mega influencers with more than one million, people with loyal audiences are being asked to promote all manner of products to their fans.


But when it comes to choosing the right network to do that on, influencers almost unanimously agree that Instagram should be center stage.


27. 60% of Gen Z Would Rather See An Influencer in An Ad

Back in the early 00s, celebrity endorsements were everywhere. David Beckham was flaunting his Calvin Kleins in dark and moody ad campaigns, and Britney Spears claimed Pepsi was the best thing since sliced bread.

But today, celebrities just don’t pack a punch like they used to. Instead, over half of Gen Z Instagram users would rather see an influencer than a celebrity in an ad. Time to start networking with those influencers!


28. There Are Set to Be 32.3 Million Sponsored Influencer Posts in 2019

And with influencers reigning strong over celebrities in ads, we can expect to see more and more sponsored posts from both micro and mega influencers over the next year.


Predictions forecast a whopping 32.3 million sponsored posts in 2019, so start hunting down influencers in your industry to get in on the action.



Stats About the Aesthetics of Insta Posts


29. Clarendon is the Most Popular Filter

How long do you spend choosing the perfect filter for your image? Worry no more, because everyone’s just going straight for Clarendon.


This is by far the most popular filter on the ‘gram, but it’s worth taking into account the kind of image you’re posting. Nature pictures are often filtered with Valencia, while fashion-related posts are regularly edited using the Kelvin filter.


30. 60% of the Top Brands On Insta Use the Same Filter Across All Images

The great thing about Instagram is you don’t need to be the world’s best photographer to stand out – that’s what the in-built filters are for.

As long as your profile looks streamlined and consistent, you’re golden, and the best way to do that is to use the same filter on each and every photo. This is exactly what 60% of the world’s top brands do, so why not follow suit?


Statistics About Instagram Stories


31. 400 Million+ Accounts Use Instagram Stories Every Day

The launch of Instagram Stories drew a fair number of gasps. Snapchat was already doing that kind of thing, so why did people need to do it somewhere else as well?

In actual fact, Insta Stories shot past Snapchat Stories in popularity, and today more than 400 million accounts use the feature every single day.


32. 58% of Brands Have Created an Instagram Story

And it’s not just civilians out there taking in-the-moment videos of their dinner or the latest concert they’ve been to; brands are getting in on the Story action as well. According to Instagram, 58% of brands have created an Instagram Story.

When they’re so simple (and, let’s face it, incredibly fun) to make, you really should be tapping into Insta Stories to connect and engage with your audience.


33. Brands Are Posting Almost As Many Stories As They Are Normal Posts

If you thought Insta Stories might just be a flash in the pan, think again. They’ve boomed in popularity so much that brands are posting almost as many Stories as they are normal posts.


According to research, the average brand’s feed is made up of 46% Insta Stories and 54% normal posts.


It’s Time to Join the Fun and Games on the ‘Gram


If you haven’t started using Instagram for your brand yet, why not?

Maybe you don’t think your audience is hanging out there, or maybe you don’t know what kind of things to post. Whatever your reasoning, push it to the side and dive in.

Millions of businesses all over the world are getting involved on the platform, which is exposing them to huge new audiences and helping them create deeper, more meaningful connections with their customers.

Ready to get your ‘gram on? Know of any other cool Instagram statistics? We’d love to hear them in the comments 🙂


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